Fortunes Bitch
The Story
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The Artist

Eric Koepfle

Born and raised in the cold, surly wilds of Wisconsin, Eric now resides in ultra-hip San Francisco. When not preoccupied with bright and shiny pennies, Eric can be found covering any available surface with drawings. With a background in fine arts, Fortune's Bitch is his first venture into the comic medium. It is most definitely not his last.

The Artist

Shannon O'Leary

Shannon O’Leary is the editor and a contributing cartoonist for the comics anthology, "Pet Noir: An Anthology of Strange but True Pet Crime Stories", (Manic D Press, 2006). Shannon currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to her work on Fortune’s Bitch, she is alternately hard at work and hardly working as a contributor to various comics anthologies and bits and pieces of her own graphic novel, Crimes Against Shannon.

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